About Dr. Elikashvili

With a focus in general dentistry, Dr. Elikashvili graduated the New York University College of Dentistry in 2001. After graduation she completed general practice residency program at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She continues to pursue education in the fields of orthodontics and endodontics. She is a certified member of IAO and successfully completed Brock Rondeau seminars that  emphasis on early childhood intervention of othodontics. This knowledge also helped her achieve more successful and predictable results with Invisalign treatment.

“With today’s cutting edge technologies, it’s easier than ever to achieve the smile of your dreams. A simple whitening procedure or teeth straightening service can make all the difference in the world.”

Dr. Elikashvili is passionate about the importance of regular checkups in maintaining beautiful smiles and a healthy mouth. As a young mom, Dr. Elikashvili has a great affinity for taking care of her patients. She is a strong believer in starting to educate patients about the importance of oral health at an early age.

Dr. Elikashvili also has increased her interest in conditions such as snoring, sleep apnea and TMJ. She helps patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea and continues to provide important health services for her patients.

As a dedicated wife and mother of two children, Dr. Elikashvili has many interests outside of Dentistry. She is passionate about travel and photography, a major supporter of performing arts and loves spending quality time with her family.