Dental Care: Children & Adults
Preventative Care for Children and Adults

The best way to keep your mouth healthy and your health costs low are to attend regular cleanings and checkups. Everyone has a busy schedule, but attending regular cleanings and exams will save you time and money in the long run. Dental exams help to diagnose disease and alleviate problems while they are small and less expensive to repair.

We proudly offer the following services for both children and adults:

  • Digital Plate X-ray
    X-rays are important for finding hidden tooth decay and examining the condition of fillings, bridges, implants, and crowns. Most dentists use bitewing x-rays which can be uncomfortable for your gums. At our office, digital plate x-rays are used to offer patients a more enjoyable and soothing experience throughout the x-ray process.

  • Dental Laser
    Laser dentistry offers many benefits, including increased precision with decreased bleeding, infection, and damage to the surrounding tissues. We are always looking to provide you with the highest level of comfort and patient care. With laser dentistry, wounds typically heal much faster than non-laser dentistry and with fewer complications.

  • NuCalm®
    Do you ever feel anxious when going to the doctor’s office? NuCalm® is a revolutionary technology that organically relaxes the body without the use of controlled substances. NuCalm® relaxes patients by reducing the brain wave from the beta range to the alpha range, also known as the first stage of sleep. NuCalm® has no significant side effects or recovery time, but it can transform your experience from nerve-wracking to rejuvenating. Learn more about the benefits of Nucalm®.

  • Piezo Teeth Cleaning
    A teeth cleaning technology that provides ultrasonic minimal vibrations to more thoroughly clean your teeth.

  • Fluoride Varnish Treatments
    The latest fluoride varnish treatments are an effective method to prevent tooth decay in both adults and children. Nutrients in fluoride work to protect and strengthen the tooth enamel. As the enamel builds on your teeth you may experience positive effects such as less tooth sensitivity and decay. Fluoride varnish is easily and quickly applied without the use of fluoride trays.

  • Gum Treatments
    When plaque builds up on the gums it can cause inflammation, the first stage of gum disease. When caught early, it’s easily reversible with a simple gum cleaning which removes the deposits and infected tissue below the gum line. It’s a painless procedure that can be carried out using an innovative, non-injectable anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

  • Cancer Screenings with ViziLite® Plus
    Oral cancer can be treated successfully when detected early 82% of the time.  We are proud to offer ViziLite® Plus, a painless oral cancer exam that only takes a few minutes to run. A light source identifies abnormalities that aren’t visible in normal lighting to help catch oral cancer in its earliest stages. This is a disease that, contrary to popular belief, is not limited to smokers with 25% of Oral cancers occurring in non-smokers that don’t have any other risk factors.
Start Young – Pediatric Dentistry

We welcome children to the office and try to make each appointment as fun as possible. It’s never too early to focus on the basics of oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth and avoiding high-sugar items like candy and soda.

During the appointment we explain to the child what is going to happen. We will carefully examine their development for crowding, the correct number of baby teeth, gum disease, and signs of extended thumb-sucking or teething. When necessary, x-rays, cleanings, or fluorides are provided as well as sealants to prevent future cavities.